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Title Power Lineman
Job Reference 21-0124
Post Date 4/4/2022
City/Location Ft Wainwright
State AK
Point of Hire Fairbanks, AK
Company DU - Doyon Utilities
Reports To Power Lineman Foreman
Starting Pay $55.47/Hour + Benefits
Type of Position Regular Full-Time
FLSA Status Non-Exempt
Hours 7:30am-4:00pm
Schedule Monday - Friday
Description POSITION OBJECTIVES: Assist in the installation, rearrangement, maintenance, operation, removal and inspection of electrical distribution facilities, including substations and services. Drive and operate line trucks and associated auxiliary equipment. Serve as a member of a line crew responsible for maintenance and repair of both overhead and underground electrical distribution systems. Provide standby electrical coverage within published response times as required by the Doyon Utilities privatization contract to ensure response to electrical outages at the installation where employed. Employee must maintain a Class B commercial driver’s license and a Journeyman Lineman Certificate of Fitness issued by the State of Alaska.

1. Climbs poles or uses a bucket truck to install or repair wires, arms, insulators, or other hardware on poles.
2. Install and repair underground facilities such as cable, transformers, potheads and pedestals.
3. Install pole hardware and such auxiliary equipment as transformers, lightning arresters, switches, fuses and insulators using hand tools and mechanical devices.
4. Opens and closes switches and installs grounding devices to lines and equipment.
5. Use insulated poles (hot sticks) to facilitate safe handling of high voltage lines without interrupting service, install protective grounds and cover-up. Operate hot sticks fitted with mechanically or hydraulically operated grasping and crimping tools to perform energized line work up to 35 KV. Use personal protective equipment such as rubber gloves and cover-up.
6. Maintain electrical components for base wide utility system including substations, transfer switches, transformers, street lighting systems, airfield lighting systems and distribution lines using scheduled work orders and planned maintenance system.
7. Serve as first responder for electrical outages, assess cause and develop a response/repair course of action to reestablish electrical service.
8. Perform technical inspections on electrical equipment and maintain assigned equipment in safe and operable condition.
9. Performs inspection and testing of secondary & primary meters to include repair and replacement as required.
10. May be required to test and/or maintain emergency and backup generators.

1. Ability to analyze electrical systems and select a safe course of action to determine causes of power outages.
2. Possess journeyman level of knowledge for High Voltage Electrical/Lineman duties.
3. Must possess knowledge of airfield lighting system, street lighting system and traffic lighting.
4. Must possess ability to climb poles.
5. Must possess a working knowledge of the National Electric Safety Code and OSHA.
6. May be required to perform technical inspections of electrical work accomplished by contractors or in-house personnel.
7. Must be able to work outside in extreme environmental conditions such as cold, wind, snow and rain.
8. Demonstrate ability to operate in a safe, journeyman manner and an ability to work well with other employees.

PHYSICAL EFFORT: Works from ladders, poles, at ground level, in trenches and manholes. Work requires stooping, bending, climbing and standing for long periods of time. Work requires coordination of eyes, hands, legs and body. Some moderately heavy lifting is required. Incumbent must be able to lift a minimum of 50 pounds to shoulder level.

WORKING CONDITIONS: Work performed primarily outdoors in temperature ranges from +90F to -60F for extended periods during the year. Work is frequently performed at night on an emergency basis, snow, ice and hoar frost and severe winds to 60 miles per hour may create hazards when climbing and while working on high pole lines. Work is performed using special safety devices, tools and equipment. Subject to falls from 70 foot poles. There is a risk of burns from hot wires, bruises and cuts from working around electrical equipment. Employee may be required to work in damp and dirty areas while working in underground electrical vaults and utilidors. Position requires a minimum of 40 hours per week with core hours being 07:30-4:00 Monday-Friday. Some hours in excess of 40 per week may be required. Employees shall be required to follow site safety procedures for work tasks and is required to wear appropriate PPE to include Fire Retardant and ARC flash rated clothing as necessary.
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